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Latest News from GR8
GR8 at GITEX 2007                 5 Sep 2007
Gitex 2007, Middle East's biggest gadget expo, was a unique platform for GR8 which we could show case its technological superiority, trends, and the best of our products for the region.

Since GITEX gets the tone for starring manifesto of consumer electronics, we could meet existing and new customers from across the globe which added another indelible imprint our brand - GR8. It also gave us an opportunity to meet many business magnets who have been abundantly impressed by our down-to-earth dedication and commitment.

Our primary focus for the event was to bring together our valuable channel in order to strengthen our business relationship by offering greater incentives and free-wheeling platform for a great endeavour. Participation at the GITEX facilitated us to expand our strategic business objectives as we aim to increase our distribution network to reach all the potential markets in the region.
Optical Media Market Survey Report                 1 Sep 2007
According to the revelation of the market survey, GR8 Optical Media discs and Apparels are live on the shelf of 70% of the super store chain within Dubai. GR8 marketing team is aiming to achieve the 100% of these superstore by the end of this year. Optical media market share could be achieved by consumer friendly products and cooperative marketing team and GR8 got both the ingredients in abundance therefore, achieving the yearly target is easy.
GR8 Launching more variety of products           25 Aug 2007
In sequence of launching customer friendly innovative packing, the GR8 research team is looking into the possibility of launching the discs in counter pack. Such act will be cost effective and will surely protect discs from the scratches. The packing is under R & D department and simultaneously market analyst is studying the feasibility of the same.

GR8 has achieved success in developing the diamond processed discs. The admirable quality of such disc is that it is not having any flinch of color on any side of disc. It is shining like diamond. Attaining healthy production in this process was quite tedious and lots of resources were employed. The diamond processed discs will be soon available in market. GR8 team is working on the packing solution of this disc. The disc will be mainly targeted to the client dealing in the pre recorded business.
AGN Mak Celebration support by GR8              11 Dec 2006
GR8 supported one of the top Chartered Certified Accountants in Dubai, UAE on their completion of 25 years of success. GR8 team was present on the occasion to help the organizers. Around 500 guests were presented with a gift box containing 5 cases of GR8, DVD-R, 8X as special support to the event. On this auspicious instance AGN Mak grasped an opportunity to thank Mr. Hamid Reza Kargar Dizji, for his support and participation on their Silver Jubilee Celebrations .
Launching latest products in ME market             15 Oct 2006

GR8 founder and owner convened a meeting with technological engineers and management directors to work out the feasibility of launching latest Optical media discs technology in The Middle East Market. With a view to present market trend and inclination of market toward basic formats of discs the investment in this project is not yet finalized. The GR8 team had invited a experienced European technical consultant to analyze the situation. He confirmed his arrival in Mid of Dec 2006.

High tech product in production pipeline              

New generation discs are being discussed rigorously within the technological experts and analysts. The new generation discs are still out of reach for layman and therefore still we will find the accelerating trend for CD-R and DVD-R. Our Business Development Director predicts the growth in DVD-R market for coming year. The market is still dependent on the volume business of standard format of discs.

GR8 Introduced DVD-R Dual Layer                      8 Aug 2006

Laying another milestone in the OMD market GR8 introduced DVD-R Dual Layer with higher speed of 8X.The product had relieved the duplicators from struggling with low speed Dual Layer's. This product had given a chance to extreme users to enjoy the new horizons of technology presented by GR8.

GR8 Delivers ROLLO DISC                                 5 July 2006

GR8 break through the media packaging market by launching new idea of disc packing. The roots of this packing are embedded in scientific study, which confirms the disk life to be more if kept in vertical position. Apart from various benefits, its smooth shape fascinates the users. The product is named as ROLLO DISC. This product is a patented product.

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